$HONEY farming - Phase II

Harvesting Honey

In the next few weeks, we will introduce the farming system where you stake Bears, Jars (and new NFTs that we will introduce very soon) to farm more $HONEY. Honey Jars and Bears will have a limited capacity, and the farming contract will impose it — when you have too little Jars / too much Honey, you won’t be able to manufacture anymore.

What is more — and this is why we call it the Phase II of our NFT 2.0 revolution, once you invest $HONEY in your Fancy Bear, it’s going to be visible on OpenSea, and the Bear will be capable of harvesting more $HONEY after we introduce the farming system (1–2Q 2022).

The more $HONEY you spend, the more $HONEY you get afterward. $HONEY will increase the value of your Fancy Bear and allow you to improve it even more with the $HONEY you’re going to harvest.

Invest $HONEY in your Bear — but don’t worry that you’re going to lose your tokens forever. They will come back after your put your Bear to work.

More Honey Jars will be available for minting in the future as prizes in different contests and challenges. Please remember that we only airdrop half of the $HONEY tokens; 45% of the total supply waits to be harvested. And all the $HONEY spent on upgrades, mints, events, merch — it’s going to be partially redistributed into the harvesting pool.

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