Trait Swap Manual

NFT 2.0 at the tip of your fingers

The time has come for you to use our Trait Swap. Just follow the steps bellow or watch the Video that will guide you through the proccess.

Your Bears will be even more amazing and unique than they used to! We work super hard to make the new, custom traits better and cooler than V1s.

The ERC1155 traits won’t change the original metadata. Present traits will remain the same and unaltered. Whenever a Bear holder wants to use a new ERC1155 trait and change the look of the Bear, it will be displayed in properties on OpenSea as V2, that is, V2 Hats, V2 Clothes, V2 Ears, and so on.

Official link:

Opensea collection:

Contract: 0xce15f018b083844a0b650b8000a00f227fb8cfbe

Watch the video to see how smooth the app runs

Getting started in a few simple steps

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. You will see a dashboard that contains all your bears, store and wardrobe

4. Let's go shopping! Just click store and pick a bear in the top left corner that you want to change.

5. Your Bear now is ready to do some shopping. Chose a trait that you like a click on it to wear it.

To buy a specific trait you need $HONEY so please be sure to check your balance before buying. Some traits require a higher level to wear.

6. You're just a step away from purchasing a new trait. All you need to do is to click Buy.

7. Your metamask will pop up. Please confirm the transactions to buy and stake your new trait.

Remember that you can always unstake the trait and keep it in your wardrobe.

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