Fancy Bear levels explained

Level up and be the fanciest bear

How to level up

We mentioned many times that we want to promote hodlers investing in their Bears. We introduce two properties called the “Bear Level” and “Eaten Honey”.

Eaten honey

The more honey you eat the higher the level of your bear. It's that simple! Just go to our trait swap app and shop for some new V2 traits. Before you use it check the manual here.

We've connected the Bear Level with the new V2 Traits. For instance, if I own a Golden Crown with Rubies available for lvl 4+ and your Bear is currently sitting level 3, then you won’t be allowed to wear that crown.

Bear Level importance

Bear Levels are strongly connected to the $HONEY farming system and buying new V2 traits.

Remember that your level will determine farming speed and capacity to carry harvested $HONEY. This is also where Honey Jars will play an important role.

Higher level gives you the possibility to wear rare traits so be sure to eat as much $HONEY as you can! Just look at this bear at going from level 0 to level 7

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