What are Honey Jars?

Treasures filled with $HONEY

The Honey Jars and the Fancy Bears Metaverse

All the kids know that bears love honey. And it’s not just a fairy tale for the little children — this is the way all the bears were created. Honey is the most delicious treat. If it is so, then why should the Fancy Bears be different?

After long weeks of work and discussions, we introduce you “The Honey Jar” (a non-fungible token, similar to Serum made by Bored Ape Yacht Club, but with completely different economics)! It’s a revolutionary idea and we want you guys to learn about it first. Our community is not only be the fanciest, but also the most forward thinking in the entire NFT space.

Honey Jars will become an important part of the Fancy Bears Metaverse, something we want to build on and something we want to use to grow the whole FBM ecosystem beyond the imagination. There will be so many ways to use the Honey, let me unveil the mystery and list some of them below. Let’s start with the absolutely most exciting one.

A. You will be allowed to modify the look of your Fancy Bear. One Honey Jar will let you either improve the rarity of eyes, mouth, hat or clothes by two (two features up in terms of rarity) or pick one of the four less common features of eyes, mouth, hat or clothes (four features down in terms of rarity).

B. We will create some new features (clothes, hats, backgrounds and furs) which will be randomly distributed among the holders modifying their Bears. It’s gonna be your call whether you use it or it’s gone forever! We just want your Bears to be as handsome as possible.

C. New bear-related NFT collections which will be mintable for a specific amount of Honey Jars (more details in late Feb!).

D. If you want your Bear to become a Bearflix star, you will be able to buy an animated series appearance for your Bear. Otherwise available only through the weekly lottery.

E. One of a kind customized clothes and shoes available in exchange for the Honey only.

Honey Jars will also play an important role in Phase II - $HONEY farming.

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