Security information

How to stay safe in the NFT world


  1. Be very careful on the internet with your wallet-based PC. Do not visit suspicious websites. It is very easy to click on a link on the net and for your browser to be exploited. Your wallet can be targeted in this manner.

  2. Do not install software on your PC that is not legitimate and from a trusted source. This includes mods to your games – these are not heavily moderated. Your wallet could be compromised!

  3. If something seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. You are not going to win 0.27BTC from a random unsolicited DM.


  1. Never give anyone your seed/recovery phrase or wallet QR code This is the key to your entire portfolio.

  2. Never connect your wallet to a website that you do not trust. Connecting your wallet to a website is putting 100% trust not only in the owners of the website but also their own security. If the site is hacked, the hackers can act on any permissions you have given that website.

It is a good idea to purge connected sites on your Metamask regularly.

  1. Get a hardware wallet. Recommended wallets are Ledger and Trezor.

  2. Back up your seed phrase on physical media (paper or steel) – do not back up on digital media (hard drive, cloud, USB).

Watch your DMs

There are a number of scams revolving around DMs. If you get messages saying you won a giveaway, or you should participate in an early mint, or even join the latest discord group, DISREGARD IT! There are scams!!!

To prevent scam DMs on Discord, you need to turn off your Direct messages within the server or completely off on your account. For any other social channels just be super careful and remember that projects never Dm you first.

Admin/Mod Impersonation

NO ADMIN/MOD WILL DM YOU FIRST. STAY AWAY FROM CLICKING LINKS IN YOUR DM Don’t fall for anyone in your DM fronting as an admin or moderator.

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