Fancy Bears Staking



What’s staking?

To stake, you need to lock your Fancy Bear NFT for a certain period on a specific contract, which generates a staking reward. In this specific case, the reward is $HONEY token.

Staking wallet address: 0x786075FF1962F45ca0Fa122d677b9F2925f4a8C6A:

How can I stake my Bear?

Go to, connect Your MM wallet, and start staking!

How can I claim my rewards?

The claimable amount of $HONEY will appear in the app at the beginning of the new staking period (new month)

Do I have to unstake to claim my rewards?

No, you don’t have to. You will receive a certain amount of $HONEY (depending on the bear/s you've staked) straight to your wallet. You can claim $HONEY in Hive by picking one, two or all of your bears who will receive it to spend in Trait Swap

What's the amount of $HONEY I will be able to claim?

Both values You see in the app are the ones to claim. The first one (written in the bigger font) is the one to claim to your wallet. The second one ($HONEY in the hive) is the one to spend in Trait Swap.

If you upgrade a level 2 staked bear to level 5 do you have to unstake and restake it for it to move to the level 5 staking pool?

You don’t have to request to unstake. Upgrade Your Bear in Trait Swap and it will move to the next pool on the first day of a new staking period (new month).

Can I change traits on staked bears?

No, you can't

Can I sell staked bears?

No, you can’t because staked bears are on a different contract during the staking period.

What happens if I stake a bear that’s listed on Opensea?

When you stake your Bear, it disappears from OS. When you unstake it after some time it will automatically reappear on Opensea with the same price listing details. The difference is the staked $HONEY inside makes your Fancy Bear more valuable than before!

How much $HONEY will I be getting?

  • Level 2–4: 6,060 Per Month + 12,200 in hive

  • Level 5–9: 18,800 Per Month + 37,600 in hive

  • Level 10–14: 122,000 per month + 244 000 IN HIVE

  • Level 15+: 299k per month + 598 000 in hive

What happens when you stake (hibernate) your bear?

Once you hibernate a Bear, there will be a 14 days awakening period before you’ll be able to remove the Bear from the cave (unstake).

If you unstake your Bear during the staking window, you will lose the $HONEY you’re eligible for.

Please note: Tokens are distributed once per month. The number of tokens you will get will be the minimum number of tokens you will get at the end of the month.

You don’t need to claim once a month, you can claim once a quarter or even all tokens at once before the event. The number of tokens you will get will be the minimum number of tokens you will get at the end of the month.

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