Honey Shots is a project by Fancy Bears, the very first cross-chain collaboration aiming to bridge the gap between BNB and ETH with 10+ partners, including Binance NFT and BNB Chain.

The majority of funds collected on Honey Shots will be used to sweep floors of FBM and top Binance NFT projects. Then we will redistribute 1000 NFTs to the community in the most giant raffle in the NFT space. Whatsmore, those who won't win NFTs will get a special gift. There will be no losers, only winners. You will be surprised!

What are the other benefits of Honey Shots? They provide a great opportunity for newcomers to join our community and explore the FBM ecosystem and our partner network. They also enable access to future Fancy Bears and TraitSwap benefits such as event tickets, merchandise, and TraitSwap mints. Honey Shots have four types of rarity - each rarity level gives a different probability of winning NFTs from projects that partnered with us. Be sure to get more than one to increase your chances of winning those awesome prizes.We added 500 Fancy Bears traits to the prize pool that will be only available to win among Honey Shots holders. Find out more: https://honeyshots.fancybearsmetaverse.com/ Buy: https://www.binance.com/en/nft/collection/Honey-Shots

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