Bring friends and get free Honey Jars!

Free $Honey Jars for active bears

Dear Bear Holders,

We started a Bear Friendship Program for our holders! You can get free Honey Jars if you bring your friends to our family!

  1. Invite your friend to join our Fam

  2. For each friend who buys a Fancy Bear and holds it till the airdrop, you’ll get a Honey Jar

  3. Each holder needs to join our Discord, send us confirmation of the purchase transaction and hold the Bear till Honey airdrop

  4. No deadline yet so get inviting!

  5. Don’t try to cheat! We have our ways to unmask scammers

Only transactions after the announcement will be counted. If you don’t own a bear yet, you have to get yourself one on OpenSea:

See you in the Fancy Bears Metaverse! Please remember to join our Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

See you in the Metaverse, Jakub Chmielniak, CEO & Co-Founder of Fanadise, Instagram, Twitter

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