What is the Trait Swap?

Changing the game with NFT 2.0

Trait Swap App is the first implementation of the NFT 2.0 idea: dynamic, changable, customizable non-fungible tokens that you can modify any way you want, depending on your identity, events you're attending, brands that you're following or organizations that you support.

How does it work?

Simply take your favourite PFP NFT, like Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Azuki, Doodles, Cool Cat, go to our app, pick your new attire - and you're ready to rock the metaverse!

How is it possible? It's very simple.

First, you need to mint the V2 version of your NFT. You can only do that if you have the original one. After you mint it, you can modify it as many times as you want. It's the dynamic NFT.

Also, every single traits is an ERC1155 token. You have to mint it first and then stake it on your V2. Every time we update the data so OpenSea can display your new, cool PFP.

Are you going to the festival? Cop the official merch!

Your favourite streetwear brand released the new drop? Maybe it's on our Trait Swap App too.

Or you simple feel like a Hawaii shirt instead of a suit? We got you covered

Trait Swap is waiting for you - just connect your wallet and start swapping.


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